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Who We Are?

1XL Universe is an OTT platform focused on inspiring personal growth and learning. We offer diverse educational courses and enriching content for individuals seeking to enhance their personal and professional development. Through 1XL Universe, users can access pre-recorded and live classes, self-help courses and meditation sessions.

Join us to explore a world of knowledge and development, empowering you to achieve your goals.
Universe 1XL
Universe 1XL
Universe 1XL Universe 1XL Universe 1XL
What We Offer?

Discover a World of Knowledge and Personal Growth.

  • Personal and Professional Development Courses
    Improve skills essential for personal and career growth, like communication and time management.

  • Expert Guidance
    Get valuable advice from experienced coaches and experts to reach your goals.

  • Educational Courses
    Explore various topics such as business, sales, marketing and maths through our classes.

  • Self-Help Courses
    Learn strategies for personal growth and managing life's challenges.

  • Meditation Sessions
    Relax and reduce stress with our guided meditation.

  • Flexible Learning
    Learn at your own pace and convenience, anytime, anywhere.

  • Personalised Learning Paths
    Customise your learning based on your interests and progress.
Universe 1XL Universe 1XL
Explore Our Diverse Educational Content and Take the First Step to Success.
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Why 1XL Universe?

Discover Limitless Learning with 1XL Universe.

Comprehensive Educational Content

Access a wide array of courses covering various topics such as business, sales, marketing, maths and more.

Flexible Learning Options

Enjoy the convenience of pre-recorded and live classes, self-help courses and meditation sessions.

Accessible Anywhere

Available on Android and iOS devices, allowing users to learn anytime, anywhere.

Expert Instructors

Learn from experienced coaches and industry experts.

Personalised Learning

Tailor your learning experience to your preferences and schedule.

Inspiring Growth

Empower yourself with tools for personal and professional development.

Universe 1XL
Live Classes

Interactive sessions with experts.

Universe 1XL
On-Demand Content

Access anytime, anywhere.

Universe 1XL
Expert Instructors

Learn from industry professionals.

Universe 1XL
Community Support

Connect with like-minded learners.

Universe 1XL
Progress Tracking

Monitor your learning journey.

Universe 1XL

Earn recognition for your achievements.

Universe 1XL
Flexible Learning

Fit learning into your schedule

Universe 1XL
Affordable Pricing

Quality education at accessible rates.


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Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Say
About Us!

Universe 1XL
Rajesh Sharma

"1XL Universe has been a game-changer for me. The variety of courses and the flexibility of learning have helped me advance in my career."

Universe 1XL
Priya Patel

"I love how 1XL Universe offers both live and on-demand classes. It's convenient and has broadened my knowledge."

Universe 1XL
Sandeep Kumar

"The self-help courses on 1XL Universe have truly transformed my life. I feel more confident and motivated than ever before."

Universe 1XL
Anjali Desai

"The meditation sessions on 1XL Universe have been my go-to for relaxation. They've helped me manage stress better."

Universe 1XL
Amit Singh

"The community support on 1XL Universe is amazing. It feels like a family, always ready to help and motivate."

Universe 1XL Universe 1XL

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